Proven Sample Extraction

SpectraSensors offers probes equipped with membrane separators and coalescing filters to remove entrained particles, liquids and oil.

Preconditioning system

Heated probes and pressure regulators are designed for adiabatic sampling of process gas streams. Together with our sample extraction methods these design features ensure a representative sample is introduced to the analyzer for accurate measurements.

SE600 Series Sample Extraction & Preconditioning >>>
Fixed probes, typically used in bypass lines
SC401 Sample Extraction & Preconditioning >>>
Direct Drive probes for installation under process pressures
P53 Heated Sample Conditioning >>>

Sample Transport Solutions

SpectraSensors offers insulated, weather-resistant tubing assemblies designed to transport gas samples at a controlled, uniform temperature from a process sampling point to the inlet of a gas analyzer. The construction of these tubing assemblies helps eliminate the effects of ambient temperature extremes and diurnal and seasonal temperature changes on gas samples.

Sample tubing bundles >>>